TIFF 2014: Whiplash Review

Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons deliver the best leading performances of their careers in this intensely heart-pounding game of musical one-upmanship.
Life After Beth - Interview - Featured

Interview: Jeff Baena

Talking with Life After Beth writer and director Jeff Baena about crafting a grounded romantic comedy with zombies and empathy.
The Congress - Featured

The Congress Review

The Congress is unquestionably one of the worst films of the year, but probably the only one made by a visionary talent.

The Calling Review

Though certainly uninspired, some great performances help make the serial killer flick The Calling worthwhile.
Untitled Elmore Leonard4057.NEF

Life of Crime Review

The lightweight, but fun Elmore Leonard adaptation Life of Crime should leave fans of the late author happy.

Swearnet Review

To put it in terms the creators of Swearnet can appreciate, their movie sucks pus filled [expletive deleted]s.
The F Word (What If) - Daniel Radcliffe

Interview: Daniel Radcliffe

We chat with Daniel Radcliffe about his new film The F Word, co-star Zoe Kazan, not wearing capes, and love as an excuse for sociopathy.