Hal-Con 2014 Wrap-Up

Having one of Canada’s largest comic conventions in your backyard can be a blessing and a curse. Fan Expo brings over 100,000 people to Toronto annually, and for better or worse, is one of the biggest cons in North America at this point. It’s also an expensive proposition, especially if you want to attend all […]
The Homesman - Featured 2

The Homesman Review

Not without ambition or merit, Tommy Lee Jones' The Homesman struggles to connect with its own material and emotional heft.
Doctor Who (series 8) ep 12

Ranked: Doctor Who Season 8 (Part 1)

We're going to tackle the best and worst of Doctor Who season 8. Which instalment deserves multiple re-watches and which episodes should die in a fire? To part one of the list!
Beyond the Lights - Featured

Beyond the Lights Review

Beyond the Lights is the best romantic drama of the year: smart, crowd pleasing, and original, and boasting great leads.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 2.7 Recap

This week's episode, The Writing on the Wall, refocuses Agents of SHIELD's raison d'etre wonderfully, finally solving the mystery that has been dogging the team for the better part of a year.