Hot Docs 2016: Off The Rails Review

It's rare that a can can stumble upon a character as fascinating as Off The Rails' Darius McCollum, a man whose need to ride on and/or commandeer trains is so deep that it's landed him in jail over 30 times.
Frame 394

Hot Docs 2016: Frame 394 Review

Frame 394 follows a man who digitally analyzed the video of the Walter Scott shooting and found something that could potentially affect the outcome of the case.

Hot Docs 2016: Fear Itself Review

From the director of Beyond Clueless comes another essay film about pop culture, this time settling on horror films as a subject as it weaves together clips from the entire history of the genre.

Hot Docs 2016: Nuts! Review

Nuts! is about a man who nearly a century ago implanted goat testicles into the sacks of thousands of lost souls to cure their impotence and how this is a thing that really happened.
De Palma Featured

Hot Docs 2016: De Palma Review

Filmmakers Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow sit down with legendary director Brian De Palma for a career spanning chat, De Palma will be loved by those who already love him, but that's about it.
Death Becomes Her Featured

Death Becomes Her Blu-ray Review

Death Becomes Her was a 90s oddity remembered mainly for its special effects and hammy performances, if at all. Leave it to Shout! Factory to remind us of this forgotten unofficial tale from the crypt with the release of a brand spanking new Blu-ray.