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CFF Interview: Shooting The Musical

"I basically said to myself because we have no one financing this film, let’s make the film that no one would finance." and other great quotes from Joel Ashton McCarthy who wrote and directed a comedy about film school grads making a High School shooting musical.
october gale

Ruba Nadda Interview

Our interview with Ruba Nadda, the writer/ director of Cairo Time and the newly released dramatic thriller October Gale. Nadda spoke with us about why she won't be returning to this genre anytime soon and about the new series she's developing for HBO.

It Follows Review

It Follows is a creepy, worthy addition to the well-tread body horror genre. The metaphors are literal and overt, but director David Robert Mitchell makes it all work together a smart yet unpretentious way.

The Wonders Review

Our newest critic writes about how seeing The Wonders outside the competition and chaos of the Cannes film festival, where it won the Grand Prix, actually changed the strange rural tale for the better.

Dustin Hoffman Interview

Dustin Hoffman talks to us about what he looks for in a director, who he'd still like to work with, his new film Boychoir and what burger place he took the cast and crew out to while shooting.

Marinoni Review

Tony Girardin's debut film Marinoni, serves as tribute to the eponymous artisan and athlete Giuseppe Marinoni and the sport of cycling.

CFF Interview: Ben’s At Home

Following an exceptional festival run, we interviewed Ben's At Home creators Dan Abramovici and Mars Horodski prior to its screening at the Canadian Film Fest this weekend.

Home Entertainment: Errol Morris on Criterion

Errol Morris' first three documentaries get a well deserved Criterion treatment, with a double bill of Gates of Heaven and Vernon, Florida on one disc, and the modern classic crime doc The Thin Blue Line standing on its own.