Exclusive: Avatar Footage to Debut at Comic Con

July 6, 2009
James Cameron and Sam Worthington on the set of Avatar

Dork Shelf has received some interesting information from a reliable source regarding the San Diego Comic Con and James Cameron‘s new film Avatar.

Apparently the huge 65,000 square foot H hall at the San Diego Convention Center is being converted into a massive 3D theatre for the event.  This means that not only will Cameron be showing off Avatar at Comic Con, but that it will also be presented in full 3D as the director intended it to be seen.  The hour long panel on July 23rd will feature James Cameron and two of the stars of Avatar, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver.

Later that day the same hall will play host to the Future of Filmmaking panel with Cameron and Peter Jackson.  We can probably expect some more footage of Avatar and possibly our first look at Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s Adventures of Tintin movie.  Spielberg, Cameron and Jackson have been the biggest proponents of this new 3D tech; Comic Con will be the first real public demonstration of what they’ve been up to with the technology.  Every person that has seen footage from Avatar says that it really must be seen to be believed — I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.  Will it live up to the hype?

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6 Responses to Exclusive: Avatar Footage to Debut at Comic Con

  1. Lucas says:

    That’s a hot scoop—so in my face!

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  5. Jim Krisvoy says:

    So, if you saw the Avatar 3D screening, were you impressed?

    Many think this will set the real standard for 3D films to come – as well as raising the bar for visual effects films in general.

    Also, while Ice Age 3 has raised some concerns about 3D attendance, it is interesting that the film has grossed worldwide in the neighborhood of $500Mil, so not sure what all the concern is about at this point. The audience for Ice Age may not be the audience for a horror film, an epic animation like Beowulf – and some others may not cut it if they get negative reviews. Also, films like UP! did not push the 3D bar far enough, in this case meaning if the filmakers didnt want to go for off screen effects, they should have then pushed the bar for depth. The whole 3D production and creative side of any given 3D project appears to still be in its infancy, so its up to the creatives to get what an audience wants out of these films, maybe starting with the intent to make a really good, entertaining film for starters.

    I’m involved with a new 3D technology that may make it to conventions such as Comicon, hopfully within the coming year.

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