TAD 2013 Review: Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas

In what almost felt like the launch of a new TV series, Odd Thomas works as a quirky supernatural crime procedural that’s somewhat of a departure for director Stephen Sommers  (The Mummy).

In a small California desert town, a short-order cook named Odd (Anton Yelchin) has the unique ability to see the work of supernatural forces all around him. He uses these skills to bring murderers and criminals to justice, but things get serious when the darkness around the town grows exponentially, putting everything he cares about at risk.

Odd Thomas has some logic holes that you can drive a truck through, but it gets by on an exceedingly high amount of charm.  Working from the bestselling novel by Dean Koontz, it’s passable horror at best, but filled with some well placed wit and charisma.

Sommers keeps the narrative moving along well enough, but Yelchin carries the film as the acerbic and quick witted hero.  Addison Timlin has a great dynamic with Yelchin as Odd’s girlfriend, establishing a delightful back and forth.  Sadly, Willem Dafoe is wasted in a bit role as the chief of police, and the villains never get a lot of definition to them. Maybe if it were fleshed out as the procedural it feels like it wants to be, that wouldn’t have been an issue. (Dave Voigt)

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