EUFF 2013: Alcan Highway

Alcan Highway

Alcan Highway

Hese is a 44 year-old Finnish man trying to solve the paradox of wanting to be constantly on the move and to find a home to settle down.  To this end, he plans to build a mobile home and find a place to turn off the engine for good.  He travels from Finland to Anchorage, Alaska, customizes a 60 year-old truck, throwing the body of an old Streamline trailer very awkwardly on the back, with his friends and drives to Vancouver Island to seek peace of mind.  At least, that’s the plan.

After making its Canadian debut at this year’s Hot Docs film festival, Alcan Highway returns to Toronto as part of the European Union lineup. It starts as a tale of an over ambitious endeavour and the crew of frazzled, put upon men charged with the journey. Eventually the indecisive Hese is put on the right course, as the other more experienced members of the rebuild crew finally berate him into listening. What follows is a road trip that experiences one mechanical failure after another. Through it all Hese manages to keep his spirits up and remains determined to make his crazy dream alive.




Hese is an intriguing and genuine character that will engage audiences in the story of his poorly conceived venture. (Kirk Haviland)


Saturday, November 16th, The Royal, 4:30pm

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