Marco Polo Season 2 Poster

Exclusive: Marco Polo Season 2 Trailer

A new ten-episode season of the Netflix Original historical epic Marco Polo is just under a month away, and if the newly released trailer is any indication of what to expect, there will be flames, fornication, and fighting.

Marco Polo follows the adventures of the eponymous famous explorer (Lorenzo Richelmy) in the court of the fifth Great Khan of Mongolia, Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong). Season two continues these adventures as the Khan’s relationship with Marco deepens and the dark, intriguing battle for the expanding Mongol Empire wages on. There will be 13th century politicking, there will be high flying martial arts choreography, there will be a scene involving a stampede of flaming horses, and there will be more than a few returning fan favourite characters including the cool as cobalt Hundred Eyes (Tom Wu).

For viewers who liked season one of the Netflix historical drama, this trailer should excite you with promises of more high stakes action and intrigue as Kublai Khan continues to chase his aspirations of imperial expansion while desperately trying to maintain hold of what he has.

All 10 episodes of Marco Polo season 2 will launch Friday, July 1 exclusively on Netflix.

Marco Polo Season 2 Poster

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