Wynonna Earp Episode 202

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 2 Recap 

“Shed Your Skin” is all about the struggle for power in a newly created creature capturing cohort, filled with icky gross out moments, and a whole whack of sexual tension — resolved and otherwise.

Who’s The Boss?

“Once an Earp, always an Earp.” — Doc “Bar Maid” Holliday

There’s been a changing of the guard with the murderous head honcho Moody from Black Badge having all parties sign a monster-hunting contract with their own blood. However, the terms and conditions of said agreement obviously didn’t include the exact chain of the command within the evil extermination team. There are growing pains in this new administration and Lucado is quick to assert herself as top dog. Wynonna wonders if she could lead a team, while Doc Holliday sits back with his ol’naked head, prospecting the floorboards. Lucado’s quick to point out Waverly’s exact responsibilities beyond grabbing refreshments aren’t exactly clear, and all but calls Doc a useless donkey. Waverly visits her gf and is still in “Haught” water. Haught’s angry and hurt Waverly didn’t mention her name when it came to the whole signing away their souls thing — and I’m pretty much on Waverly’s side on this — I understand Haught wants to be part of the team and everything, but I bet my boots having someone outside of the hemoglobin hex is going to help somebody out of a jam in the near future.

The Hunting Ground

Wynonna Earp Episode 202

The first major assignment for the ghoul getters is a particularly nasty beast terrorizing construction workers in Porta Potties. Wynonna reunites with a fellow bad girl who is back in town to swallow up all the real estate in Purgatory. Wynonna runs into another old pal demon Earl, and is distracted from shooting him right back to hell when a dark phantom who smells of her deceased sister’s perfume catches her eye. Could Willa be back from the dead to haunt her sister?

“Never touch the goo.” — Agent “I Am The Captain Now” Lucado

Like the egg that hatches the giant spider, there’s more going on here than it seems. When Wynonna talks to Waverly about her sister’s apparent haunting, Waverly is quick to suggest they burn all her old stuff. Is this actually a suggestion borne from phantasmal know how, or is it just a chance for Waverly to get rid of the memory of a sister she clearly hated and continues to hate? The two return to the site, extinguishing the demon eggs with axes. Earl was obviously no help and got eaten by the supernatural spideys — but what about the smoky ghost?

Laws of Attraction

Wynonna Earp Episode 202

Wynonna’s first meeting where she attempts to be the leader of the group doesn’t go so well: she gets drunk, has an ad-hoc exorcism, and tries to play tongue hockey with one of her co-workers. True to the nature of Wynonna Earp, we are being titillated and teased by the will-they-won’t they nature of Doc and Wynonna’s relationship. Doc is technically 129 years old, so just a teensy more life experience has taught him not to hook up with a drunk lady who just killed her sister and lost her boss who she also may or may not be romantically involved with. Doc’s also got some “ponies to water” to which Wynonna responds by calling him an asshole. But there is something going on with Doc. He’s trying to buy the bar left unattended by the deceased Revenant Bobo Del Ray.

However, it’s not the bar itself that attracts him to the building, but rather the meth lab downstairs. He extorts a stripper to come and work for him, they obviously know one another from a different time and this woman’s got a dark past from which Doc is willing to offer “Protection.” Extortion is the name of the game for Doc this episode, as we discover the floorboards was Lucado’s not-so-secret hiding place for classified documents. In exchange for monetary recompense to support his new business, Doc promises to return the information. “This is what I bring to the table,” he coolly asserts, and with that Lucado’s immediately interested in what he brings to the bedroom. That’s another hard pass on a co-workers pussy for Doc. Perhaps he still pines for his Big Nosed Kate?

“Did smashing all those demon eggs make you wet?” —  Jeremy

“Seriously We Can’t Give This Character A Last Name?!” … “I like my job, but it hasn’t bought me dinner in a long time.” — Wynonna “Get It” Earp

Although it’s not just female genitalia that’s being stirred by the Southern gentleman. Jeremy’s got a puppy dog crush on Doc, which, like his absent hat, goes right over Holliday’s head. FINALLY somebody gets some when Waverly and Haught kiss (plus more stuff) and make up. Something else is being made up when the stripper/chemist decides to join Doc Holliday’s under-bar operation. What exactly are they cooking up there? Meth? Better bourbon? My money’s on the serum Dolls needs to not turn into an evil creature. Speaking of evil creatures, there’s two pretty pissed faceless Victorian looking ghosts back at the old school house who want their spider babies back that Waverly is currently eating.

Out On Ghost River

Wicked Tongues — Wynonna is really back into her Southern lilt with lotsa “ain’ts” creeping into her vernacular.

Cooler Heads — Is Doc ever going to replace his hat?

Crazy Eyes —  So what is it with Waverly? She obviously feels stronger and more powerful with this black ink her body, and hasn’t tried to hurt anyone yet. Hell, she’s even used it to her advantage. But will this get out of control? If she’s going on a diet of evil ghost spiders and can talk to soul suckers – what the end game?

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