Black Panther

15 Facts You Need to Know About Marvel’s Black Panther

2. He Will be Fighting Against Ulysses Klaue (Klaw) and Killmonger

black panther michael b jordan andy serkis
In Black Panther, it looks like T’Challa will be facing off against both of his arch-nemeses from the comic books. Ulysses Klaue (Klaw in the comics) already made his debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron, portrayed by Andy Serkis. In that film, Klaue had enslaved Wakandans to mine Vibranium for him, which he then sold to Ultron, who later sliced off his hand during a fit of rage. In the comics, “Klaw” has a sonic emitter on his arm that he uses as a weapon, which seems likely to make an appearance here.

The film will also mark the MCU debut of Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). In Black Panther, Killmonger will be a former American black-ops soldier who returns to his native Wakanda for some kind of revenge against T’Challa. From the trailers, it looks like he’ll be teaming up against T’Challa at some point. In the comics, Killmonger blames T’Challa for his father’s death at the hands of Klaw, and leads a coup d’état while the Black Panther is in America.

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