Black Panther Spoilers MCU Featured

Black Panther: 15 Facts that will Change the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Spoilers)

1. The Winter Soldier makes a cameo

It wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without a post-credits reveal. This time around, we check in with Bucky Barnes, last seen on ice after the events of Civil War. Despite his name, the Winter Soldier is no longer frozen and is in fact living in a hut somewhere in Wakanda, having a quiet conversation with Shuri and learning a bit more about Wakandan culture and technology.

Bucky’s presence is another mark of Wakanda’s independence, indicating that the country acts with a certain distance from international affairs (like the Sokovia Accords from Civil War). That could fuel conflict in future films. The animosity between Bucky and T’Challa has been resolved, but Tony Stark may not be quite as forgiving when he learns that T’Challa has been keeping secrets and siding with his rivals.

The scene doesn’t give us much more than that, but it’s safe to assume that T’Challa and Bucky will play an important role when Thanos arrives in Avengers: Infinity War later in the summer.

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