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11 Fake Video Games We Wish Were Real

Fix-It Felix, Jr. (Wreck-It Ralph)

Wreck-It Ralph may have headlined his own movie, but he was never the lead character in his own game. That distinction belongs to Fix-it Felix, Jr., the titular handyman who spends his days cleaning up Ralph’s messes as the protagonist in Fix-it Felix, Jr.

In the movie, Fix-It Felix, Jr. plays like a distant descendent of the Game and Watch series, which includes classic disaster relief efforts like Manhole, Fire, and Oil Panic. That simplicity is also what makes Fix-It Felix so appealing. The Game and Watch games were high-wire juggling acts in which you needed quick reflexes to keep everything from falling apart, and that kind of addictive gameplay has never gone out of style. Ralph is a Donkey Kong figure trying to destroy a high rise apartment. Felix is the handyman who patches up the cracks in the wall, and the result is Rampage in reverse.

Thanks to a Disney-released promotional tie-in for iOS and a fan-made port for the Sega Genesis, Fix-It Felix, Jr. is technically more playable than most of the games on this list (you can swap Fix-It Felix for Sugar Rush if you’re a stickler for rules). We’d argue that neither is a substitute for the pure experience of an arcade cabinet, which would have been a hit with record chasers had it been around in the 1980s.

Stay Alive (Stay Alive)

In Stay Alive, your goal is simple. You need to stay alive. The catch is that the fictional horror game operates a bit like the Matrix. If you die in Stay Alive, you die in real life, often in a manner similar to your in-game avatar. That makes it the perfect choice for the kind of reckless, thrill-seeking teenagers who populate low-budget horror films, which is convenient because Stay Alive also happens to be the title and subject of a low-budget horror film starring Frankie Muniz.

Of course, Stay Alive would probably not be all that popular if it actively murdered its player base. For the purposes of this list, we’ll assume that it’s just a standard horror game with no supernatural carryover, and in that regard it looks like a damn good one. With an excellent meta hook, tense gameplay, and jump scares galore, Stay Alive would be a great addition to the survival horror renaissance ushered in with titles like Outlast, Resident Evil 7, and P.T.

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