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The Dork Shelf team endeavours to bring you the latest reviews, interviews, and opinions from the world of movies, video games, television, and comic books. Put some faces to names.


Will Perkins

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief - An avid filmgoer and die-hard gamer, Will has been writing about film and video games in various capacities for most of his adult life. He co-founded DorkShelf.com with Jeff Brown and Lucas Rizoli over beer & bruschetta in 2009. He is also the Senior Editor at Art of the Title and contributor at Yahoo Movies Canada. Email - will@dorkshelf.com

Noah R. Taylor

Film Editor - Noah knows film. In addition to Dork Shelf, he has contributed to sites such as Indiewire and Art of the Title. His love of the medium always puts him on the side of the filmmaker when writing his reviews, so they have to go out out their way to get bad one. That being said, Noah’s opinion, while still just an opinion, is an educated one. From working in a video store, to studying film at Concordia University, acting in indie films, writing screenplays, to shooting and editing EPK material, he is a true cinephile who appreciates that when it comes to movies, no one will ever know all there is to know or see all there is to see.

Eric Weiss

Games Editor - Eric has been writing about video games ever since arriving in Toronto in 2010. A lifelong gamer and professional nerd, he is also a contributor to Indie Game Reviewer and wrote the script for the video game Apocalypse Later during TOJam in 2012. Email - eric@dorkshelf.com

Jonathan Ore

Associate Editor - Jonathan is an editor and video games writer at Dork Shelf, and brings with that expertise a dangerously encyclopedic knowledge of professional wrestling, Transformers and Power Rangers. He is also an associate producer and arts & entertainment writer for CBC News. Email - jonathan@dorkshelf.com


Joel Minty

I'm a huge supporter of myself and the things I do. I also like grammar and language mumbo-jumbo, video games, rock tunes, fantasy novels and Futurama. Since it's Dork Shelf, I guess I gotta post something to PROVE MY DORK CRED: At the time of this bio write up, I was sitting 4th out of 66488 trivia junkies on the fb Futurama fan page. I'm a Greater God at 72460 points, (27540 points till next level) Dork!

Zack Kotzer

This hopeless weirdo is a bit of a culture addict, given an NES and Bubble Bobble at a young age all going downhill from there. Zack is the assistant editor of Canadian culture mag, Steel Bananas as well as a contributing writer to the SPACE Channel, Newsarama and Torontoist. Zack is also working on a new safe haven for nerds called Giygas, though a word of warning, if you ask him about it, he will tell with gusto. Email - zack@dorkshelf.com

Ian MacIntyre

Ian MacIntyre is a Toronto-based writer, actor, and comedian who performs regularly as part of the Sketchersons and Approximately 3 Peters. He also enjoys sushi but hates prepared seafood, making him the worst East Coaster ever. More info at ianmac.ca.

Brian Crosby

Brian has written for television shows This Hour Has 22 Minutes and The Royal Canadian Air Farce. He’s a big fan of Pixar movies and was personally slighted by Cars. You can see more of his work at BrianCrosby.net.

Phil Brown

Phil Brown is a Toronto-based film critic and entertainment journalist who contributes ramblings about film, comedy, and other pop culture obsessions to websites and publications like Dork Shelf, The Toronto Star, NOW Magazine, The Globe And Mail, C&G Magazine, Fangoria, Rue Morgue, High Def Digest, iChill, and others. He’s also appeared on CTV and made a variety of podcast and radio appearances to help delay his inevitable typing-related carpal tunnel syndrome.

Nicole Rodrigues

Comics Editor - Nerd. Girl. Writer. Photographer. Nicole Rodrigues is a lifelong Dork of all Trades but she loves her weeklies most. After creating Nerd Girl Pinups, she's gone on to write reviews for the Silver Snail, C&G Magazine and her personal blog. You can call her Fred if you really want to, especially on Twitter. Email - nicole@dorkshelf.com

Sam Maggs

Sam Maggs masquerades by day as a Talent Coordinator for TV and radio in Toronto, but her (not-so) secret identity is actually that of super-nerd-girl! Her geekiest passions include sci-fi TV, graphic novels, Victoriana, dystopian YA lit, Harry Potter, and anything written by Aaron Sorkin. Sam’s parents saw Star Wars: A New Hope twenty-four times in theatres when it first came out, so it’s really not her fault that she turned out the way she did. Sam also contributes articles for CBC Live, The Televixen, and TdotComics, You can find her on Twitter @SamMaggs, if you're into that sort of thing.

Brandon Bastaldo

Brandon Bastaldo is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto's English and Cinema Studies programs. A life long comic book reader, film watcher, and fashion enthusiast, he feels luckier than ever to be reading, writing, and wearing the things he loves. Read his latest thoughts on his blog or here on dorkshelf.com.

Peter Counter

Peter Counter is a freelance culture writer with relevant obsessions in television, film, and games (board, card and video). Trapped in a state of constant nostalgia and enthusiasm for well told stories, he is an avid fan of Hannibal, an unsullied Game of Thrones viewer, and convinced that he will never love another show like he once loved LOST. Peter is also the author of several plays, including an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Rats In The Walls.

Elena Lowe

Elena Lowe is a professional by day and a pop culture addict by…well, also by day, but also by night. She was raised by the warm, nurturing glow of television (she literally learned English by watching X-Men and Scooby Doo), so it’s not so surprising that she’s now writing for Dork Shelf’s TV section. Her current obsessions include Parks and Recreation, Broad City, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and more reality shows than you can count (tell no one). She can be found on Twitter professing her love for her platonic soul mate, Amy Poehler.

Alex James

Alex James is a freelance writer who can sometimes be found on stages across Toronto and the world fronting his two-man alt-nerd-folk-rock-comedy duo Nerds With Guitars where he only sometimes writes about comic characters.

Diana McCallum

Diana is a sugar addict, comic book lover and co-creator of Texts from Superheroes. She has an inexplicable affection for sidekicks and spends her free time writing the nerdiest jokes possible for places like Cracked, Bleeding Cool, Top Tenz and Geekpron. She doesn’t game. Please don’t ask her if she games. How do you people even have time for that?

Corey Atad

Corey is a Toronto-based writer who enjoys such wonderful activities as procrastinating and sleeping. When he's not doing those things (and sometimes even when he is) he fills his time with as many movies and TV shows as possible. He's also got his own personal blog with a cheesy pun for a title: justAtad.

Jeff Brown

Founder and co-host of the Geek Nerd Dork Podcast. Email - jeff@dorkshelf.com

Rajiv Joshi

Recently moved back to Toronto after a year in the United Kingdom, Rajiv is once again and ready to attack anything “fan boy” related. Current weakness: Monopoly iPhone app set to highest difficulty with the “auction” function turned on. Not for the faint of heart fellow lads and ladies..."

Want to write for Dork Shelf? Got a story idea? Email contact@dorkshelf.com for more info.

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