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Star Trek Into Darkness Fan Review

Alex James is baffled as to why so many people seemed so opposed to the new direction J.J. Abrams has decided to take in his Trek films - and boy oh boy, are they ever opposed. This piece isn't so much a review of Star Trek: Into Darkness as a critical defense of ideas in an era dominated by safe choices.

Pantalones Review

Pantalones is very bright and fast-paced and colourful and reads like I'm eating a big bowl of Sugar Bombs, but since I'll be the first to admit that I'm kind of dour, maybe something this kaleidoscopically busy just isn't designed for me.

How I Got Into Comics (And How You Might Too!)

Not every nerd is created equal: some of us are slow out of the gate when it comes to discovering interests. Alex James explains what kept him out of comics until well after he started shaving, and runs down the titles that finally sucked him in.