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The Irish Pub Review

Documentarian Alex Fagan takes a stripped down and unpretentious look at some of, if not THE, most widely beloved Irish national institutions: The Irish Pub.

Laggies Review

Lynn Shelton’s Laggies constitutes cringe comedy at its finest, while being charming if unoriginal at times.

Felony Review

Actor and writer Joel Edgerton's Felony is a flawed, but engaging Aussie cop drama.

TAD 2014: The Babadook Review

The Babadook If you previously had any complaints that this was a particularly weak year for horror films, the wait for the scariest film of the year has ended. It’s the rare kind of scary movie to make people feel for the safety of those around them and stay up all night. Proceed with caution […]

TAD 2014: Wyrmwood Review

Wyrmwood Blending Austrialian genre classics Dead Alive and Mad Max into a generally pleasing package, the apocalyptic zombie-ish thriller Wyrmwood  – a labour of love made over the course of several years by the brotherly duo of Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner – might not be breaking any new ground thematically, but it’s certainly bringing the […]