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The Cobbler Review

The Cobbler is one of the stranger films to come out of Hollywood in recent history, it's a bit of train wreck that's hard not to stare at even if you know you shouldn't.

Siddharth Review

Richie Mehta's Siddharth is a gutting tale set in India about a father searching for a son that he unwittingly sold into child labour.

Interview: Richie Mehta

We talk to Siddharth director Richie Mehta about how a failed project led to him finding this story, writing characters that don’t necessarily align with his own beliefs, returning to shoot in India and how he thinks the film will be perceived there.

The Last Five Years Review

The Last Five Years may have been made for twentysomethings, but it's a well crafted, well acted musical with a good story that anyone can get in to.

In Her Place Review

Elegantly mounted and austere at the same time, Albert Shin’s debut feature looks at three generations of women bound by South Korean customs to a terrible situation.

No Evidence of Disease Review

On National Cancer Day, February 4th, select cities will have screenings of No Evidence of Disease an informative look at doctors bringing awareness to often underfunded forms of reproductive cancers.

Snow Days #1: Wavelength

In honour of TIFF's year long retrospective of the work of art film pioneer Michael Snow, we begin a new monthly column, starting with a look back at Snow's best known work, Wavelength.

Red Army Review

Red Army is a tightly constructed, fast paced, informative look at one of the most revered (and feared) hockey clubs in history.

Slamdance 2015: Diamond Tongues Review

A major step up for Toronto filmmakers Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson, Diamond Tongues is the rare example of a film set in the entertainment industry that doesn’t use its main character’s profession and location as a crutch. It’s bracing, bold, and far from precious, boasting an outstanding leading performance and razor sharp writing. Edith […]

Still Alice Review

Outside of Julianne Moore's powerhouse performance, there's not much to talk about with the well meaning and mostly decent Alzheimer's drama Still Alice.