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Son of a Gun Review

Although it's a pretty standard B-movie crime thriller, the talent involved in the Aussie flick Son of a Gun keeps it consistently entertaining.

The Rest of 2014 at The Bloor

With only two new releases for the rest of the year (Advance Style and National Gallery, both of which are good), we look at all the remaining events at The Bloor in 2014.

Song of the Sea Review

The best family film option this holiday is Song of the Sea, an Irish animated adventure that gives Miyazaki a run for his money.

Annie Review

The songs don't quite work, it's ideology is messy, and it's the worst edited film of the year, but somehow Annie retains an immense amount of charm and wit thanks to its cast.

TFCA Announces 2014 Award Winners

Led by Best Picture, Director, and Supporting Actress winner Boyhood, the Toronto Film Critics Association has announced their award winners for the best of film in 2014.

Bad Turn Worse Review

The appropriately titled Bad Turn Worse feels like one of the substandard Tarantino knock-offs of the early 90s escaped from a bad movie asylum.

Wild Review

Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallée and leading actor Reese Witherspoon deliver some of the best work of their careers with the emotionally powerful Wild.

Gemma Bovery Review

Passable and slight for the most part, the romantic dramedy Gemma Bovery boasts one of the worst endings to a decent story in film history.

Serena Review

The Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper starring period drama Serena is the kind of trainwreck that only really talented people can make.

Foxcatcher Review

Certain to get noticed for its trio of electrifying leading performances, Foxcatcher is an unnerving and stylish true life tragedy, but something is still off.

Blood in the Snow 2014: Teddy Bomb Review

Teddy Bomb An infectiously goofy, no budget, high concept lark, the locally produced Teddy Bomb makes no pretentions that it’s a great film, but it’s certainly one that wants to have fun alongside like minded people who get the joke. Think of a Godfrey Ho and Sam Raimi produced live action reboot of Big Hero […]