Posts by Andrew Parker

Nightcrawler Review

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers without a shadow of a doubt a career best performance as an amoral sociopath in Nightcrawler.

Horns Review

Overlong and overstuffed (but with a great Daniel Radcliffe performance), Horns is a great one hour short dragged to two hours.

Interview: Charlie Lyne

We talk to film critic, essayist, and documentarian Charlie Lyne about his look back on teen movie trends of the 90s in Beyond Clueless.

Whiplash Review

Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons deliver the best leading performances of their careers in Whiplash.

Eternity: The Movie Review

There’s a lovingly ramshackle quality and wealth of can-do spirit that permeates the low budgeted musical comedy period piece Eternity: The Movie.

The Irish Pub Review

Documentarian Alex Fagan takes a stripped down and unpretentious look at some of, if not THE, most widely beloved Irish national institutions: The Irish Pub.

Laggies Review

Lynn Shelton’s Laggies constitutes cringe comedy at its finest, while being charming if unoriginal at times.