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Felony Review

Actor and writer Joel Edgerton's Felony is a flawed, but engaging Aussie cop drama.

TAD 2014: The Babadook Review

The Babadook If you previously had any complaints that this was a particularly weak year for horror films, the wait for the scariest film of the year has ended. It’s the rare kind of scary movie to make people feel for the safety of those around them and stay up all night. Proceed with caution […]

TAD 2014: Wyrmwood Review

Wyrmwood Blending Austrialian genre classics Dead Alive and Mad Max into a generally pleasing package, the apocalyptic zombie-ish thriller Wyrmwood  – a labour of love made over the course of several years by the brotherly duo of Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner – might not be breaking any new ground thematically, but it’s certainly bringing the […]

TAD 2014: Predestination Review

Predestination The latest film from Michael and Peter Spierig (Undead, Daybreakers) manages to be the duo’s best yet: a reworking of the Robert Heinlein short story “All You Zombie” that feels right at home alongside similarly minded time travel crime thrillers Minority Report and Looper, coming out slightly better than the latter and not quite […]

TAD 2014: Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter Review

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter While a major hit at Sundance earlier this year, this offbeat psychological drama and character piece doesn’t exactly scream out to the Toronto After Dark crowd. It’s thoughtful, slow moving, austere, and has very few major jolts to it. Then again, the similarly low key Let the Right One in was […]

TAD 2014: Open Windows Review

Open Windows There’s a decent reworking inside of this tech minded thriller, but the latest from Nacho Vigolondo (Time Crimes, Extraterrestrial) isn’t only one of the most sloppily plotted and wholly illogical films of the year, but perhaps even worse is how the film’s the Spanish writer and director are pulling inspiration from were terrible […]

TAD 2014: Zombeavers Review

Zombeavers While Jordan Rubin’s film about flesh craving furballs does exactly what it says it’s going to do in the title, Zombeavers surprisingly sets itself apart from the recent wealth of goofball high concept movies by playing itself just straight enough to be hilarious, but never too goofy as to be insufferably unfunny and forced. […]

RIFF 2014: A Curious Life Review

A Curious Life A different sort of musical oral history, Dunstan Bruce’s A Curious Life charts the rising success of British folk-punk act The Levellers mainly through the eyes of a specific band member, dreadlocked and upbeat bassist Jeremy Cunningham, who will act as a host of sorts. Famous for producing a string of seven […]

RIFF 2014: Born to Ruin Review

Born to Ruin This behind-the-scenes look at Toronto indie rock act Wildlife as they produce their make-or-break sophomore album in Connecticut and Brooklyn opens with band members confronting their keyboard player about a drinking problem about halfway through the recording process. It’s necessary to start with this because without the conflict, the film itself from […]

RIFF 2014: A Life in the Death of Joe Meek

A Life in the Death of Joe Meek Highly influential in the UK rock and roll scene, controversial figurehead and record producer and brilliant sound engineer Joe Meek broke away from the pack in the late 50s and early 60s by becoming one of the first big name independent record producers in the world. The […]

RIFF 2014: Alive Inside Review

Alive Inside Michael Rossato–Bennett’s look at the effects of music therapy on the minds of patients with Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible made and constructed film, but it makes up for its lack of subtlety and tact (and the fact that it’s essentially product placement for the core organization involved) with a great amount of […]