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Adult Beginners Review

While it borrows from some very familiar themes and movies, Nick Kroll's Adult Beginners is a cute, easy going family dramedy that's just as funny as it is sensitive.

Project Almanac Review

Project Almanac would be a near perfect time travel movie for young adults... if it just got rid of the found footage style that almost makes it painful to watch.

Song One Review

It's not much to talk about in the storytelling department, but the musical drama Song One gets a lot of mileage from great stars and great songs.

Manny Review

Manny looks a Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao with a balance between the laudatory and the critical.

Housebound Review

The New Zealand import Housebound makes it safe for horror audiences to laugh and be scared again at the same time.

Mr. Turner Review

A major achievement for writer/director Mike Leigh and actor Timothy Spall, Mr. Turner is a biopic worthy of its sometimes ornery subject.