Posts by Jason Gorber

Room Review

Lenny Abrahamson's Room is a deeply nuanced film with real suspense and anxiety throughout.

Bridge of Spies Review

Should we hold Spielberg to a higher standard just because he's Spielberg? Jason Gorber's review of Bridge of Spies examine this and other questions.

Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson Interview

With co-collaborator Evan Johnson adding a complementary variable, The Forbidden Room adds to Guy Maddin's ever-evolving oeuvre of experimental cinema, . We spoke with them about how this film fits in with today's screenscape.

Hyena Road Review

Paul Gross' look at Canadian military in Afghanistan feels authentic for the most part, but Hyena Road still displays some of the director's melodramatic tendencies that prevent it from being great.

TIFF 2015 Interview: Alan Zweig on HURT

We spoke to Hurt director Alan Zweig about finding Steve Fonyo, the current state of documentary, what it means to make non-fiction cinema and how that is set apart from “mere” journalism.