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Big Trouble in Little China #1 Review

Find yourself a copy of Big Trouble in Little China and huddle in close because if you love that movie as much as Jay Batzner does, you won't be disappointed with what the Boom! creative team has made for you.

Rat Queens #6 Review

In issue 6 of Rat Queens, the creative team delivered a book which truly acts on all of the potential they have displayed in the first five issues.

The Auteur #1 Review

Readers will enjoy The Auteur's send-up of the Nathan T. Rex, but it's not enough to compel Jay to follow the adventures of a main character with no redeeming qualities.

Ms. Marvel #1 Review

Ms Marvel #1 does exactly what origin stories are supposed to do. Like any superhero transformation, there is a bit of "be careful what you wish for."

in Sanity, AZ #2 Review

The premise for in Sanity, AZ is intriguing and rich with potential: a spontaneous town created when the inmates of an insane asylum rise up and take over.

Batgirl #23 Review

This issue starts the three issue "Batgirl: Wanted" arc that pits Commissioner Gordon against Batgirl.

Young Avengers #7 Review

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have taken lesser-known young heroes from the Marvel Universe and crafted a refreshing, fun, and compelling title in Young Avengers, with this issue being a perfect introduction to their world.