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Band of the Month: Snowblink

Get to know Snowblink in this interview with member Daniela Gesundheit, which features talk of traditional Chinese medicine, connecting with environments, and what it’s been like to be an addition to the Toronto music scene.

Band of the Month: Evening Hymns

Evening Hymns' front man and songwriter Jonas Bonnetta's father passed away before his first album, Spirit Guides, was released three years ago. Now as the band releases Spectral Dusk, we are invited into what Bonnetta and his family have gone through since. Read our interview with Bonnetta about the album, their sound, and what's to come.

Band of the Month: Dusted

You know how it's been so humid lately? It's so hazy in Toronto these days, as storm clouds tempt to thunder and then don't really come at all, hair frizzes to a scary level and the sun looks down on you with the biggest smirk. If you're looking for something to calmly lift you into a comfortable zone, then new Toronto band Dusted's new album, Total Dust, will do the trick.

Band of the Month: Stella Ella Ola

Stella Ella Ola make the kind of music that embodies good times, friends, and sunshine. Picture rollerblading down a boardwalk, flippin' burgers, hanging out in someone's basement eating popsicles while reflecting on yearbook memories. It's a simple joy that they've captured. We talk with pals Jake and Nixon Boyd, Anne Douris and Vince Rice about the band, their planned BBQ musical,, and their favourite Muppets.

Band of the Month: Wendy Versus

They've been around town for a few years now, but it seems Wendy Versus are experiencing a real refreshing and colourful new beginning before they release their first album, Crayon Wars, next month. We spoke to the trio about how Luke Skywalker got involved, how their music would be classified as X-Files, and what kind of hats they wear in this band and all their other bands.

Band of the Month: The Elwins

In this month's Band of the Month showcase, we take a look at indie pop rockers The Elwins about playing shows for kids, recording, and selling their own special brand of underwear.

Sound it Out Review

Arriving just in time for Record Store Day, the documentary Sound It Out will appeal most to the people who still love their local vinyl and CD emporiums.

Canadian Music Fest 2012 Picks

All throughout Toronto, musicians, music fans and journalists are gearing up for Canadian Music Week 2012. Starting on Wednesday, we'll pretend like our schedules are as gruelling as they were for those who went to South by Southwest last week. It takes some work going through the schedule to figure out what's worth your time, so let me do it for you. Here are my picks for this year’s Canadian Music Week.

Band of the Month: The Fires Of

In this interview with guitarist Steve Canning of The Fires Of, he explains all the growth the band has gone through to get to where they are now musically and the recording process. He highlights what it's like in the indie scene here and how to make the most of it, and we find out that they have a pretty impressive general collection of whats on their Dork Shelves.

Band of the Month: Julie Doiron

Julie Doiron has been a familiar name within the Canadian indie folk-rock scenes for decades. In this interview with Doiron, we discuss her residency at Saving Gigi, living in Toronto, working on her next album and connecting with her audience.

Band of the Month: Heartbeat Hotel

Heartbeat Hotel and its cohorts are no strangers to Dork Shelf. We’ve listened to their sound grow over the last year from the late-night basement ponderings of Fetus Dreams to the hazy glow of waking realizations found on their latest piece of work, a six song-long album titled Intae Woe, which was released at the end of November. By doing such, this Toronto four-piece has led 2011 into a blissfully sweet ending.

Band of the Month: Parks & Rec

When the air gets crisp, when the leaves turn colours and start to fall, the atmosphere noticeably changes. Generally around this time, I find people like to make a bit of a switch in the kind of music they listen to. Gone are the poppy summer hits and in come the warm and majestic folk-rock tunes. If you find that you're one of these people, then Toronto’s Parks & Rec will snuggle right in.

Band of the Month: The Darcys

When discussing indie rock bands in Toronto and which ones have been waiting real hard for their dues, the name The Darcys probably comes up pretty often. For years, the band has been saying that their next album was forthcoming, but we can finally say that on October 25 that product of labour and love will be in our hands and ears and in front of our eyes. Their self-titled second album, The Darcys, will be released later this month by Canadian indie powerhouse label Arts & Crafts.

Band of the Month: Army Girls

Welcome to the first edition of a new column featuring a Toronto band for every month. We’re pleased to start it off with Army Girls, a two-piece who will release their first EP, Close to the Bone, on September 13 through the Blocks Recording Club.

August Monthly Music

August is clearly trying to make sure summer ends on a hot note. Toronto’s so jam-packed with concerts and music-type events that there’s got to be something in this heap of sweat for everyone. Here are some choice methods to get hot before September.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two Review

For fans, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two has been a moment we’ve been both waiting for and dreading simultaneously. To see the end of something that, for those of my age group and level of dedication, has lasted for over a decade is obviously bittersweet. That’s a long time to have really loved and been invested in something.

July Monthly Music

Around this time of year, I start to crave something. Besides the usual cravings like ice cream, cold beer and not witnessing gross old men or even egotistical jocks shirtless (sup, dorks?), I yearn for some really good summer music. You know, the kind that you can blast at BBQs? The kind of music that make your steps a little more energetic while you walk to work and anthems you can sing along to. I think we all experience a form of this craving, so here are my local ideas for how to keep satisfied this July.