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The Three Greatest Heist Movies of All Time

Bank robberies and heists have featured in many films over the years. The plots can vary but the ultimate goal remains to same - to score big! But which movies scored biggest in terms of entertainment? Here are three of our favourite heists films of all time.

What are the latest games that will dominate eSports?

Last year, Overwatch was being tipped to launch the world of eSport into the mainstream consciousness. As events have panned out, established games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, Dota 2 and CS:GO have remained the highest profile in the eSports world. However, the list of games that are garnering competitive leagues is […]

The Macho Movie-Lover’s Online Slots

There are a lot of great, action packed movies out there. There are also plenty of great, action packed slots! Here are a few cult-favorite online slots for the buff movie-buff. Sorry, no Die Hard…

Banking on Bitcoin: A Review

Banking on Bitcoin documentary explains the fundamentals of Bitcoin, where and by whom it was founded – and why the creator's identity still remains a mystery.

Hilarious Movie Parodies in American Dad

If you’ve been watching American Dad, you’d probably remember the few instances that this adult animated sitcom has featured movie parodies of popular films like Casino Royale and Terminator. Let’s take a look back at the clever way these movies have been presented by Seth MacFarlane and his team. Casino Normale (Season 13 / Episode […]