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Hilarious Movie Parodies in American Dad

If you’ve been watching American Dad, you’d probably remember the few instances that this adult animated sitcom has featured movie parodies of popular films like Casino Royale and Terminator. Let’s take a look back at the clever way these movies have been presented by Seth MacFarlane and his team. Casino Normale (Season 13 / Episode […]

The Best Sherlock Holmes Smartphone Games

There’s no denying the incredible success of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Since 1887, the world’s most famous consulting detective has appeared in over forty movies – and with the third Guy Ritchie instalment on the horizon, there’s bound to be another rise in the fictional character’s fame. Alas, not even Sherlock Holmes has managed […]

Pillaging for Dummies – Vikings: War of Clans Review

With the success of HBO’s Vikings, the red-haired rough riders are apparently all the rage again. Pair that with the success of MMO, strategy mobile games and you get Vikings: War of Clans. The game starts off with a brief tutorial explaining how to cultivate resources, train warriors and complete missions. All of this multitasking […]

The Changing Face of Tarzan: Why He Wasn’t Always a Movie Star

When Hollywood’s latest adaptation of Tarzan hit movie theatres around the world in 2016, the reception wasn’t quite as positive as some may have hoped. Sure, the movie grossed $349,143,061 in worldwide box office sales, but some critics weren’t overly sold on its portrayal of the jungle man. According to The Guardian’s Wendy Ide, Alexander […]