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TIFF 2014: Short Cuts Canada Program 4 Review

If there’s a unifying theme in programme 4, it’s the dichotomy of human experience. You can have the same job as somebody, the same parents, or even be in love with someone, and yet still experience the world in a completely different way. In Broken Face, a war veteran is “reintegrated into society” with a job […]

TIFF 2014: Teen Lust Review

Teen Lust Contemporary World Cinema Blaine Thurier’s teen sex comedy Teen Lust is the last thing Canadian film needs right now. The premise has potential, though. Neil (Jesse Carere) just turned 18, is about to finish high school, and is a virgin. That’s fine by his parents (Jon Dore and Emmanuelle Vaugier) who need an 18 year old […]

TIFF 2014: Leviathan Review

Leviathan  Masters Leviathan is a well acted, beautifully shot film that highlights the best of mother nature and the worst of human nature. Kolya (Alexey Serebryakov), a proud patriarch with a gorgeous Russian seaside property, is rendered helpless when a corrupt city official decides he would like the land for himself. Kolya enlists the help […]

TIFF 2014: Guidance Review

Guidance  Discovery The Discovery programme at TIFF is meant to showcase emerging directors with promising futures, which is the perfect place for Pat Mills’ Guidance.  Mills not only wrote and directed the film, but also plays the lead, David Gold, a down and out actor who lies to get a job as a high school guidance councillor […]

TIFF 2014: Two Days, One Night Review

Two Days One Night  Special Presentations  Two Days, One Night, the latest film by Jean and Luc Dardenne, has one of those tidy premises that lends itself well to a concise pitch: a woman has one weekend to convince coworkers to give up their bonuses so that she may keep her job. To expand on […]

A Master Builder Review

Actor and writer Wallace Shawn and director Jonathan Demme attempt to do justice to Ibsen and Louis Malle with A Master Builder, but neither seem to get a handle on the material.

I Origins Review

In I Origins, writer/ director Mike Cahill uses the old cliche ‘The Eyes Are the Mirror to the Soul’ to make something relatively original.

The Purge: Anarchy Review

The second round of The Purge is more of the same hard to believe baloney. Yet since the first film made so much money despite critics largely hating it, let's hope audiences have learned their lesson by now.

Hot Docs 2014: Bronx Obama Review

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have strange jobs thrust upon them because they are broke and look like somebody who has achieved greatness. Bronx Obama is an excellent documentary about how circumstances and necessity led Louis Ortiz down an unusual life path. Like so many blue collared workers, Ortiz found himself […]

Hot Docs 2014: Pulp Review

Pulp Nightvision One thing that made the Brit-pop explosion of the 90s brilliant was how every band had their own sound and image to match. There was Oasis with their balls-to-the wall Manchester working class swagger, Blur with their London educated art-rock, then there was the less easily defined Pulp, born in the unlikely town […]

Hot Docs 2014: The Immortalists Review

The Immortalists World Showcase The Immortalists follows Aubrey de Grey and Bill Andrews, two very different biologists who share the same goal: reversing the aging process. While their common objective does cause their paths to intersect from time to time, they’re not on the same journey. As a result, the film lacks focus, delving into […]