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The Homesman Review

Not without ambition or merit, Tommy Lee Jones' The Homesman struggles to connect with its own material and emotional heft.

Wolves Review

There's no excuse for the werewolf movie Wolves to be as dull and self-serious as it is.

Reel Asian 2014: KANO Review

KANO Chih-Hsiang Ma’s KANO is an exhaustingly sentimental baseball picture that overstays its welcome to a huge degree. An ethnically diverse baseball team from southern Taiwan (what commentators call a “miracle team”) competes for the top prize at Japan’s Koshien baseball championship. Set in 1931, the film is essentially an underdog story, but it lacks […]

Planet in Focus 2014: Dark Side of the Chew Review

The Dark Side of the Chew The Dark Side of the Chew, if you couldn’t tell by its title, is a documentary that’s not short on self-aware humour, yet in the process does not undermine the sincerity of its intentions. It explores the impact of chewing gum – yes, chewing gum–on our culture, and its perceived […]

TAD 2014: Shorts After Dark Reviews

For a filmmaker to hear that their feature film would be better off as a short, that’s tough. If they were to hear their short should be turned into a feature, now that’s a compliment. I think that’s what the short film showcases at festivals advertise: do we want to see more of this? It’s […]

Rudderless Review

Rudderless, the directorial debut of William H. Macy, lives up to its title and hits all the wrong notes.

TAD 2014: Suburban Gothic Review

Sometimes a movie tries so hard at being “something”, it just amounts to nothing. That’s what I felt about Suburban Gothic, the sophomore film from Richard Bates Jr. The film wants to – primarily –be a comedy, but also a supernatural thriller, horror, and romance fused together by scenes that aim to be clever, cute, and occasionally […]