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Game of Thrones Episode 4.7 Recap

“Mockingbird” is all about unfunny jokes: lies that are told to make sense of chaos and control the actions of others. Game of Thrones is not a funny show, but this episode illustrates that it still has a use for humour.

Hannibal Episode 2.12 Recap

“Tome-Wan” is Hannibal at its most distilled and sustained. Showcasing the series’ underlying dark humour, this is the tightest, most mesmerizing hour of the series. To use the words of Mason Verger: I am enchanted and terrified.

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition: The Preview

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition returns to the Bell Lightbox for the show’s fourth season. A virtual tour of The Wall, props from the Purple Wedding, and the hidden contents of a box make Westeros feel more real than ever.

Game of Thrones Episode 4.6 Recap

“The Laws of Gods and Men” sticks with the season’s contemplative pacing, taking inventory of its characters past deeds while demonstrating how much catharsis a well written and performed monologue can evoke.

Hannibal Episode 2.11 Recap

“Ko No Mono” shifts to an unreliable narrator, allowing us to experience the first truly heartbreaking moment in Hannibal. Using the most iconic image from Red Dragon, we also get a glimpse at who’s really pulling the strings in this show.

Hannibal Episode 2.10 Recap

In addition to being Hannibal’s most self-reflexive hour, “Naka-Choko" features a really steamy sex scene that takes place in two separate rooms and involves four humans, a theremin, and a Manstag.

Game of Thrones Episode 4.4 Recap

This week’s Game of Thrones has a lot to say about the promises we make (and break) in order to assert our identities. It also has a lot to show off in terms of how babies get made.

Hannibal Episode 2.9 Recap

In “Shiizakana” we are asked to forget the fast paced, twisty-turny, Will Graham-on-trial arc that velocitized our television watching appetites earlier this season, and to get used to the emotional and psychological contemplation of the now classic Hannibal as an episodic nightmare format.

Hot Docs 2014: The Theory of Happiness Review

The Theory of Happiness Canadian Spectrum Gregory Gan’s The Theory of Happiness is a magnetic, upsetting, consistently good looking and compelling documentary about a Ukrainian math cult. A journal of his time spent as a newbie in P.O.R.T.O.S. – a collective based on a spiritual math equation for happiness – this documentary starts off as […]

Hot Docs 2014: Self(Less) Portrait Review

Self(less) Portrait Canadian Spectrum At the outset, Self(less) Portrait is alluring, presenting a collection of French-Canadian interview subjects telling anecdotes and personal secrets, while director Danic Champoux visually plays with forms or darkness and light. There’s a sense of mystery at the top of the film that proves intriguing, but quickly this is revealed as […]

Hot Docs 2014: Out of Mind, Out of Sight Review

Out of Mind, Out of Sight Canadian Spectrum There’s a lot to like about Canadian documentary Out of Mind, Out of Sight: a film about the inmates and staff of Brockville Mental Health Centre, a forensic-mental hospital in Ontario. Primarily orbiting a single primary subject – schizophrenic patient Michael Stewart – the film paints a […]

Hot Docs 2014: Mad as Hell Review

Mad As Hell Next Mad As Hell profiles a charismatic media personality that doubles as a portrait of the current friction between traditional broadcast media and online video services, painted with the familiar colours of the American political landscape. Cenk Uyger, otherwise known as The Young Turk, dodges a career in law to start a […]

Hot Docs 2014: Hotline Review

Hotline World Showcase Hotline is an emotionally charged and often funny window into the lives of the voices on the other end of the phone line. Filled with interesting people it dodges the pitfall of becoming overly voyeuristic. The few times that actual phone recordings of hotline clients are used, they fit well thematically and […]

Hot Docs 2014: Focus on Infinity Review

Focus on Infinity World Showcase Focus on Infinity asks a lot of its audience. It’s a documentary about the science of space composed exclusively of earthly footage and it offers nothing in terms of scientific discovery or revelation. Between the biblical musings of a former physicist and declarations of craving the unknowable are symbols and […]

Hot Docs 2014: A Different Kind of Boy Review

A Different Kind of Boy Made in Denmark The Danish documentary A Different Kind of Boy isn’t even an hour long, and yet it manages to exude charm, elicits genuine anxiety, and presents a complete, complex picture of a boy with autism and his brother’s attempt to bond with him. Essentially divided into two parts, […]

Hot Docs 2014: 112 Weddings Review

112 Weddings Love, Factually 112 Weddings is misleading in a number of ways, none of them favourable. A personal experiment from long time wedding videographer turned documentary filmmaker Doug Block, 112 Weddings doesn’t examine that many matrimonial ceremonies. It’s just the total career count of wedding videos Block has been commissioned to make as of […]

Hannibal Episode 2.8 Recap

In “Su-Zakana” the cocoon constructed of mystery novel pages, fond pop-culture memories, Hollywood disappointments, and countless other symbols that once encased Hannibal has cracked open, and out of it has come a new and unpredictable kind of butterfly.