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Home Entertainment: The People Under The Stairs Review

Wes Craven might not have taken his 90s horror fairy tale The People Under The Stairs too seriously but Shout Factory certainly have with their full Blu-ray treatment that will give genre junkies a new found appreciation for this odd movie.

There And Back Again: Is Vacation Worth the Trip?

Vacation manages to stand on its own while also paying tribute to the original National Lampoon film. The jokes are raunchy, the cameos are plenty, and the ride is worth it if you're not overly sentimental about this kind of thing.

Home Entertainment: Robot Jox Review

With their full Blu-ray treatment, Shout Factory re-evaluates this 1990 action adventure film that is more self-aware than audiences initially gave it credit for. 25 years later, Robot Jox is more than fun ever.

Home Entertainment: Ex Machina Review

Ex Machina is a slick new take on the A.I. conundrum almost as old as the Sci-Fi genre itself. It gets the treatment it deserves in this new Blu-ray bursting with extras.

Home Entertainment: It Follows Review

It Follows is an excellent homage to 80s horror filmmakers like John Carpenter. If you're a genre fan and didn't catch it in theatres, you're going to want to pick up this Blu-ray.

The Killers Criterion Review

The Killers has long been one of the most intriguing entries in the Criterion Collection, packing together to brilliant films from different eras adapted from the same Ernest Hemingway short story.

Self/less Review

Director Tarsem Singh brings none of the visual flair we've come to know and love him for in this tired sci-fi body-switching action flick that's basically a remake of John Frankenheimer's superior Seconds.

Infinitely Polar Bear Review

Infinitely Polar Bear is an incredibly accomplished work for a first time filmmaker, a delicately conceived character piece that even finds some standout visual and cinematic moments.

Home Entertainment: Kingsman Review

Matthew Vaughn's finest film to date, Kingsman: The Secret Service looks great on Blu-ray and comes complete with a feature length making-of doc, something which is all too rare these days.

John Maclean Interview

Dork Shelf recently got a chance to chat with Slow West director John Maclean as the film gears up for its Canadian release. We picked his brain about the motivations behind his uniquely strange Western debut.

Hungry Hearts Review

Oddball writer/director Saverio Costanzo takes the typically warm concept of maternal love and transforms it into something twisted, possessive, and at times downright terrifying in the genre experiment that is Hungry Hearts.