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Home Entertainment: Escape From New York Review

The folks at Shout Factory have been cranking Carpenter classics onto Blu-ray since they kicked off their Scream Factory genre label and have finally secured the rights to one of his most iconic and important efforts with Escape From New York.

The Salvation Review

The Salvation is not the art house neo-Western you may expect it to be, but more your basic bloody revenge story that offers up many of the thrills of grindhouse-era genre flicks.

Hot Docs 2015: (T)error Review

For the first hour of it’s running time, (T)error is a slow build doc that borders on tedious despite incendiary subject matter, but the last section makes for a thrilling film that should not be missed.

Hot Docs 2015: Seth’s Dominion Review

As a portrait of an enigmatic cartoonist and comic book dream-weaver, Seth's Dominion is a wonderfully creative little doc that honors and embodies it’s subject, like few others.

Hot Docs: Raiders! Interview

Our in-depth interview with Tim Skousen, one of the co-directors of the wildly entertaining doc Raiders!, screening at this year's Hot Docs film fest.

Hot Docs 2015: Rolling Papers Review

On January 1, 2014 the state of Colorado went ahead and legalized the sale of marijuana. We probably all assumed someone would make a documentary about it the following year. Sure enough, Mitch Dickman did exactly that and bit off a little more that he could chew.

Hot Docs 2015: Pervert Park Review

Surely one of the most challenging entries in this year’s Hot Docs, Pervert Park dares to give a voice to and even strives to find empathy for a group of people who most viewers would rather pretend didn’t exist.

Cut Bank Review

Cut Bank uses a cast, setting and story similar to some of the best work put out by the Coen brothers, but this ain't the Coen brothers.

Home Entertainment: Invaders From Mars Review

Another overlooked film that Shout Factory has chosen to be the next cult classic is Tobe Hooper's 1986 Cannon-produced remake of Invaders From Mars. You probably haven't seen it yet, but you probably should.

While We’re Young Review

For two thirds of the running time, While We're Young feels like it might be Noah Baumbach’s finest outing to date. But does it stick the landing?

Home Entertainment: Breathless (1983) Review

Jim McBride's 1983 remake of the French New Wave classic Breathless was doomed to fail but has in fact aged remarkably well, which is why Shout Factory has released a Blu-ray of this new cult classic.

Home Entertainment: Interstellar Review

Interstellar is certainly an impressive cinematic achievement on the biggest possible scale, just far from a perfect film. The highly visual film has been given top notch treatment for this showcase Blu-ray.

Home Entertainment: Errol Morris on Criterion

Errol Morris' first three documentaries get a well deserved Criterion treatment, with a double bill of Gates of Heaven and Vernon, Florida on one disc, and the modern classic crime doc The Thin Blue Line standing on its own.