The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Trailer

Yahoo Movies UK has posted the first full trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the latest film from director Terry Gilliam.  The film also has the distinction of being Heath Ledger’s last film role before his untimely death last year. The film has all the visual flair and filmic insanity we’ve come to expect […]

Iron Man 2 Comic-Con Footage

A bootleg version of the Iron Man 2 reel shown at the recent San Diego Comic-Con has finally hit the web.  Probable spoilers: the footage features Sam Jackson as Nick Fury and our first look at Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash in action.  We also get to see Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow kicking ass in tight leather […]

Dork Shelf Double Bill a Success just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to Visioneers and Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion last night.  We had a great turnout for the event. Congratulations to our trivia contest winners who went home with a copy of Live at the Purple Onion on DVD and the Dork Shelf Gift Bag; […]

Podcast 9: Bearded Sharks

In this "mantastic" episode Lucas, Will, Jeff, and Joel find themselves trapped in a cage deep underwater, assaulted from all sides by the desperate later seasons of The Simpsons. The dorks talk about how Matt Groening's show has changed over time, about what they've been consuming, and some hot news from the worlds of film, video games, and email spam.

Toronto After Dark Film Fest: Full Lineup Announced

The full schedule for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival was released a few days ago.  Ten more titles have been announced, in addition to the eight films that were announced earlier this month.  Among the films added to the schedule is the Norwegian Nazi-Zombie movie Dead Snow and the awesome looking faux-blaxploitation film Black […]

Ridley Scott Directing Alien Prequel

SlashFilm is reporting some huge “holy shit!” worthy news.  It turns out that Ridley Scott will not only be producing but also directing the upcoming Alien reboot/prequel.  Scott, who directed the first Alien film, had originally hired director Carl Erik Rinsch to helm the prequel, but apparently 20th Century Fox had been lobbying hard for […]

Saw Director to Helm Castlevania Film

BloodyDisgusting broke news that James Wan, director of the original Saw film, will be directing the live action Castlevania film. Castlevania is one of Konami‘s longest running video game franchises, dating back to 1986 on the original Nintendo. The central story thread of Castlevania deals with the Belmont clan, a family of vampire hunters who […]

Star Wars: What if Obi-Wan had used Force Speed?

As many Star Wars fans know, Jedi are able to manipulate the force in many ways.  One of those ways is using the force to move extremely fast: force speed they call it.  The climactic three-way (hot) battle from The Phantom Menace would have been a perfect time for Obi-Wan Kenobi to use the force […]

New Dork Shelf Contributors and Other Site News

Regular readers of the site may have noticed some new faces posting articles the past few weeks.  However, there are no new contributors.   It’s actually just been Jeff and Lucas in drag… Sorry to get your hopes up, unless of course you’re into that.  But jokes about my colleagues underwear preference aside, we do […]

Moon Review

Director Duncan Jones had the following conversation with himself. Spoilers ahead. “Okay Zowie, so you want to make a movie, eh?” “Yes, I do.” “Well, what kind of movie do you want to make?” “I don’t know.  I really like Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick.  Maybe something in the science fiction genre?” “Alright, that’s a […]

Hot Tub Time Machine Red Band Trailer

Hot Tub Time Machine.  Do I need to say more? John Cusack, Rob Cordry, Clark Duke and Craig Robinson star in this ridiculous time-travel comedy due out in February 2010. FROM AROUND THE WEB

Podcast 8: Bacon-Con 2009

Sarrah joins Jeff and Will for a discussion of Green Lantern, Comic-Con, James Cameron's cure for cancer, and much more. Exclusives! Events! Bothering George—and it's kosher!

Sam Raimi Directing World of Warcraft Film

Variety is reporting that Sam Raimi; the man who brought us the Evil Dead and Spider-Man films, has signed on to direct a film adaptation of World of Warcraft for WB.  This will be Raimi’s next project after Spider-Man 4, so don’t expect to see Warcraft on the big screen any time soon.  It’s exciting […]

TIFF: Midnight Madness Lineup Announced

Midnight Madness has always been a favourite refuge for dorks like me at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Free of the stuffy attitude that plagues the rest of the festival, Midnight Madness is just about movies.  Awesome movies.  Midnight Madness is a showcase for the best in sci-fi, action, horror, animation and dark comedy from […]

Mighty Muggs: These Toys Will be The Death of Me

I have been collecting toys and comics for most of my life.  While I have been able to collect entire series of comics, the same cannot be said for toys.  I would start with a series that I thought was really cool, but before too long I would get bored and move on.  I have […]

New Iron Man 2 Pictures, Black Widow Revealed

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has some new shots from Iron Man 2.  The new photos include most importantly, our first look at Scarlett Johansson in skin tight leather… errr I mean, as Black Widow. Click here or the image above to see a high resolution shot of the Entertainment Weekly Iron Man 2 […]

3-D Film Festival at the Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre‘s second annual 3-D Film Festival starts this weekend.  Running from July 17th to the 23rd, the festival will feature 3-D movies from the 1960’s heyday and the 1980’s revival of the format.  I’ve always wanted to see Starchaser: The Legend of Orin and Friday the 13th Part III is a horror classic.  […]